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CMN Industrie uses sophisticated checking means and test methods to ensure the compliance and the quality of the solutions we supply

High-performance teams and effective testing devices

Run by level 2 COFRENd and ASNT-TC-A1 certified officers, our non-destructive test laboratory uses a wide range of techniques including visual, sweating, ultrasound and X-Rays tests.

Moreover some other equipments complement these CMN’s checking means such as PMI, Feritscope, digital endoshercopy, dewpoint, dry film thickness, 3D FARO arm, inclinometer . . .

Test and metrology equipment: reliability and reactivity.

  • MAHR roughness meter
  • Two 3D FARO Gold and platinum mobile boom testers
  • Paint thickness measurer
  • 1 digital endoscope

Non-destructive testing

  • PMI Innov X SYSTEMS monitoring station
  • 1 FISCHER ferriscope
  • 1 durometer
  • 1 dewpoint measurer
  • ERRESCO X-ray workstation
  • 1 negatoscope
  • 1 densitometer
  • 1 automated film developer
  • Ultrasound workstation + KRAUTKRAMER sensor
  • Thickness measurer T-MIKE