Quality, Health & Safety

CMN Industrie’s quality approach is expressed through its continuous improvement policy and culture, the effectiveness of our organization and our overall performance. since 1996, the company’s Quality, Security and Environment Management service has introduced processes and procedures complying with all regulatory, legal, contractual and environmental requirements.

The Scope of our Quality, Security and Environment managment system covers the manufacturing and machining of  welded structures, skids, pipings and pressure vessels.


CMN And corporate societal responsibility


Because CMN considers people as the company’s prime resource, societal responsibility is central to our corporate strategy. This holistic approach is expressed in a participative logic enabling all members of our personnel to contribute to the different action plans we implement. Invaluable their involvement defines the company position in a precise envrionment without forgeting anyone.


International and customized solutions in pressure vessel construction and welding solutions


To accompany our customers in their international projects, CMN Industrie complies with CODAP, EN 13445, AD-2000, ASME VIII div. 1&2, SELO, ASME B31.3 and AWS D1.1 construction codes.

The company designs and develops customized solutions based on customer specifications using sophisticated modeling software including AUTOCAD, SOLIDWORKs, NX and calculation software like SICAP and CASTOR.

CMN Industrie is certified in compliance with the main international benchmark standards.


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