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A full-line supplier by nature, CMN gathers exceptional skills in pressure vessel design and construction, machine welding, welding and non-destructive testing. By uniting the expertise of pressure vessel makers, mechanical engineers and welders around client demands, our company develops and implements high value-added customized solutions developed with inputs from a shared reflection.

Mechanical part machining is one of CMN Industrie’s core businesses and the basic know-how of our personnel. Thanks to our research department, Sophisticated milling equipment and absolute expertise in the materials we use, CMN produces complex parts to very tight tolerances.

Among its different skills CMN Industrie can count on welding and assembly : a way to ensure customized solutions.

Our trainings

Nos Formations

For over 25 years, training course in pressure vessel construction, welding and quality has always been a CMN priority.

We train about ten apprentices a year, transmitting our skills, our corporate know-how and our passion in trades becoming increasingly scarce. This approach enables us to sustain our business and to keep a state-of-the-art technology and technique. Every year, CMN recruits employees among apprentices who have been trained in the company. Today nearly 50% of company personnel is composed of former apprentices.

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Nos points forts

Nos points forts

International certifications

Nos points forts

A skilled and professional personnel

Nos points forts

An efficient infrastructure

Les actus
Les actus

KGS certification

19 March 2019

CMN is now certified by the KGS. We are allowed to provide pressure vessels (heat exchangers) for South Korea until 2022.

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ASME Certification

26 July 2016

ASME U and U2 were renewed and are now valid up to July 2019.

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